Thursday, May 7, 2015

Time To Get Dirty!

Over the past few weeks we have been enjoying some amazing weather on the farm and it has allowed us to get the tiller out and play in the dirt!

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May is always a big month of planting. We do direct seeding as well as transplants. Some transplants have been living in my basement since February and have never seen the light of day.

For these we have started the hardening off process. Each day I will expose these plants to the outdoor elements. Day by day I will increase the amount of direct sunlight. Rushing them will cause the plants to burn up and die. Some plants are more cold hardy and can go out before the danger of frost has past. Our onions and leeks have been transplanted already. For these the process was started early April. Our peppers and tomatoes will have to wait till the risk of frost has passed.

Over the coming weeks we will do other succession of direct planting. More seeded beets, carrots, peas, leaf lettuce, radishes and spinach will need to be planted.

A very busy time and some longer days but come late July will be truly worth it!

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